🌻 Runa Solaris 🌻

|🟦🟨 furry artist | SFW/🔞NSFW


NSFW sketch - $150+
+$100 for each next character
▪ No background
▪ Shading ONLY at my discretion

$350 USD +
NSFW artwork - $400+
+$200 for each next character
$300 USD +
NSFW artwork - $350+
+$200 for each next character
Additional expenses for these things:
▪ Miniature (inside view, close-up) - +$30 for one (max. - 3)
▪ Negotiated price for the complexity of the character or outfit design
No background or very simple BG/ gradient (depends on my desire).The SFW version can be added free of charge according to my or your desire.

NSFW artwork - $600+
+$200 for each next character
Additional expenses for these things:
▪ Miniature (inside view, close-up) - +$30 for one (max. - 3)
▪ Negotiated price for the complexity of the character or outfit design
There is a background of any complexity.The SFW version can be added free of charge according to my or your desire.


▪ SFW pose - $150
▪ NSFW pose - $200
▪ Pose with clothes/armor - +$20 or more
▪ Headshot - $50
▪ Body parts miniatures - $10
▪ Clothes/ armor/ weapon - $30 - $100
▪ Accessories - $5-20
Prices are for ONE item/per item!▪ Alternative version of NSFW -> SFW I do for free.
"Minimum set" - 2 poses or 1 pose + headshot
▪❗I don't do ref in color sketch. In general, the ref is lineart + flat color with a possible small shading⭐ For simple items like a scarf, rings, piercings and other small items, the price will be $5, for things like an exquisite umbrella, hat, armor pieces or a tattoo, the price ranges from $10 to $20

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Or you can write to my Discordrunasolaris or RunaSolaris#3034

•Terms of Service•

thanks for understanding

AGREEMENT▪ Payment means you agree with current TOS;
▪ Ignorance of rules is no excuse.
ABOUT PAYMENT▪ Full prepayment or 50% immediately and 50% after the sketch;
▪ Payment: PayPal/BuyMeACoffee/Payoneer;
▪ Payment within 24h after I contact you.
REFUND▪ In case of refusal of the commission before the start of work, I return the entire amount;
▪ In case of refusal of the commission at the stage of the sketch, I return 75% of the amount;
▪ In case of refusal at the stage of the line, I return 50% of the amount;
▪ In case of refusal at the flat color stage, I don't return the money;
▪ Also, if the payment was divided into an advance of 50% and payment of 50% after the sketch, then I DON'T REFUND the advance. I can refund 50% of the amount paid after the sketch, per the rules for the full amount above.
WORKING PROCESS▪ Don't rush me, be patient;
▪ The commission will be completed from 2h (for a sketch) to 5 business days (for a full illustration or ref). The deadline depends on the complexity and volume of work, as well as from life situations. Work begins as soon as the turn reaches your commission;
▪ If you want art by the specified date: let me know before starting work with the commission. Even though I don't like time limits;
▪ Don't make me redo something over and over, it's not my fault if you can't explain;
▪ Give me some freedom. I don't like very clear boundaries in anything. I'm an artist and I know better how to competently and beautifully make art;
▪ Be precise when describing what you want to see from me;
▪ Be sure to specify if something needs to be done 1in1 with the ref, otherwise the ref you provide will be used as a base, no more;
▪ Don't spam in DMs while I'm working on your commission. The large number of messages confuses me and I don't speak English well enough to communicate as fluently as you. Be concise about the text of the assignment and corrections.
CORRECTIONS▪ You have 3 free corrections for each stage of execution: sketch, lineart, flat color. All other corrections will be paid. $3 for each correction in the sketch and lineart stage, and $5 for each correction in the flat color stage. Also, the price may increase, depending on the extent of the corrections;
▪ If I missed or forgot something, then in this case corrections are free. It's not about details I didn't know about because you forgot to mention it;
▪ Correction after the flat color stage is not possible;
▪ Please don't abuse the corrections, because a huge number of them may force me to refuse the commission. Even if you pay for these adjustments;
▪ Character/item design from 0 for free. But if I receive too many corrections, then I have the right to charge an additional fee for each subsequent correction.
USING MY ARTWORKS▪ Don't post my artworks without my permission on any resources;
▪ Don't post my WIPs;
▪ Don't use my artwork for AI/NFT;
▪ Don't use my artwork for commercial purposes without my permission;
▪ Don't steal my artwork, and if you see that someone has stolen, then let me know;
▪ All my artworks retain my copyright, so, I have the right to use any of my art as I see fit anywhere;
▪ Don't change or erase my watermark.
DO | DON'T▪ I don't work with AI, I don't draw AI generated characters;
▪ I don't draw private commissions;
▪ I don't draw more than 3 miniatures in one illustration;
▪ I don't draw overly exaggerated body parts or anatomy;
▪ I can't draw human faces, but if the head is animal or fully masked, I can do it;
▪ I don't draw by a specific time or a specific date (only with some exceptions).
——————————————-❤️ | 💔-
(This is not a strict list, you can always ask what I can draw!)
❤️ Any flying creatures, I love wings!
❤️ Noodles! And snakes. And dinosaurs. Almost any unpopular animal species;
❤️ Fan characters: non-human from WoW, Skyrim, D&D and other games;
❤️ Artistic nudity of men and women;
❤️ Nature, sunny atmosphere, warm, cozy winter;
❤️ Medieval, Renaissance or Victorian era setting;
❤️ Magic;
❤️ Natural/ harmonious colors;
❤️ Clothes, accessories and armor;
❤️ Synthetics or cybernetic character? I would like to try!
❤️ Size difference.
——————————————💔Humans, characters with a human face;
💔 Neon, inharmonious and unnatural character colors;
💔 Primates, pinnipeds, elephants;
💔 Interior and Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk settings;
💔 Vore, tentacles, pedo, zoophilic, many other specific themes;
💔 NSFW where it's superfluous;
💔 Firearms, military, suits;
💔 Excessive size difference;
💔 Too sad and / or terrifying atmosphere in artwork;
💔 (PLEASE ASK) Fan characters: pokemon, ponie.

HOW TO COMMISSION ME- First, you need to read my terms of service (when ordering the commission you agree to my ToS)
- Then, after choosing what you'd like, you can directly fill out the google form linked here or ask me in DM on any slot.
You can also keep track of your commissions or the number of active commissions on my Trello board.